My name is Mat Quigley and I'm a self taught photographer.  I've learned most of my knowledge in photography, simply by experimenting.  After spending a few years following Nick Guitard and his website, I decided to start something of my own, in my adopted province. Yup, I'm an Easterner (the real East ... beyond Ontario). I loved nature from the beginning, and in University I started to photograph it. Thanks to Nick I've been introduced to Waterfalling, which combines adventure with photography... two things I really enjoy. Thanks Nick!
Snake Indian Falls 2014

Poboktan Falls, 2012

It's been a while since I've started this site, so I decided to add more information here for inquiring minds.  For those of you interested in more pictures that I take feel free to follow me on +Panoramio (Panoramio), where I've been uploading all my most stunning pictures.  Since starting this site I've upgraded cameras to a Nikon D300s and included a +GoPro HD2 with me on my journeys as well.  My intention is for me to start documenting virtual hikes of some of these falls (or at least on the more strenuous ones).