With an immense 10,878 sq-km Jasper is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.  By far one of North America's most remote backpacking destinations.  Jasper trails systems, most notably the North and South Boundary trails, are mostly made for the more adventurous hiker seeking solitude.

List of Waterfalls:
Angel Glacier (Trail name: Path of the Glacier)
Athabasca (Road name: Highway 93A)
Boss Hogg (Road name: Maligne Lake Road)
Cavell (Trail name: Astoria River Trail)
Charlton Glacier (Trail name: Maligne Lake)
Curtain Call  (Road name: Highway 93)
Geraldine (Trail name: Geraldine Lakes Trail)
Hawk Canyon (Trail name: Overlander Trail
Maligne Canyon (Trail name: Maligne Canyon Trail)
Poboktan (Trail name: Poboktan Pass)
Punchbowl (Road name: Miette Hot Springs Road)
Softy, Softy, Cagey Monkey(Road name: Maligne Lake Road)
Spanish Fly(Road name: Maligne Lake Road)
Snake Indian (Trail name: North Boundary Trail)
Stanley (Trail name: Stanley Falls Trail)
Sunwapta (Trail name: Sunwapta Falls Trail)
Tangle (Trail name: Highway 93)
Trapper (Trail name: Maligne Pass Trail)

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