Waterton Lakes

The smallest National Park tucked away in the south West of Alberta.  At 518 sq-km this park is threading the border between Alberta and BC to the west, and the Canadian-US border to the south. Possibly the most interesting of the National Parks is that you can cross the border in the south into Glacier Park (US) on a long back-country hiking trail or by ferry.

Bertha (Trail name: Bertha Lake Trail)
Bertha Spring (Trail name: Alderson Carthew Trail)
Blakiston (Trail name: Red Rock Canyon)
Buchanan (Trail name: Alderson Carthew Trail)
Burnt Rock (Trail name: Crypt Lake Trail)
Cameron (Road name: Cameron Falls Drive)
Carthew (Trail name: Alderson Carthew Trail)
Crypt (Trail name: Crypt Lake Trail)
Hell Roaring (Trail name: Crypt Lake Trail)
Lineham (Trail name: Lineham Creek Falls Trail)
Mount Blakiston (Road name: Red Rock Parkway)
Quick & Dirty (Road name: Akamina Parkway)
Sofa Creek (Trail name: Vimy Creek Trail)
Twin (Trail name: Crypt Lake Trail)
Vimy (Trail name: Vimy Creek Trail)

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