David Thompson Corridor

This area is found on the Saskatchewan Crossing (the road, HWY11, that splits between Jasper and Banff).  The area is not nearly as popular as the National Parks, however does have decent traffic from RV's and campers.  The protected area is not well known for it's trails, backpacking or otherwise, though it does have a fantastic view of the mountains and pristine blue lakes.  For this site I've assembled a few parks in the area, including Sifleur Wilderness, White Goat Wilderness and Kootenay Plains which are Provincial Parks/Rec Areas.

Allstones (Trail name: Allstones Creek Trail)
Coral Canyon (Trail name: Coral Creek Loop)
Crescent (Road name: unnamed dirt road)
Elliot's Left Hand (Trail name: unnamed bushwack)
Entry (Trail name: Landslide Lake Trail)
Kittyhawk (Trail name: unnamed bushwack)
Little Indian (Trail name: unmarked trail)
O.D (Trail name: Pinto Lake Trail)
Peskett Canyon (Trail name: O.D. col circuit)
Sentinel Creek (Trail name: Pinto Lake Trail)
Siffleur (Trail name: Siffleur Falls Trail)
Spring Lake (Trail name: Landslide Lake Trail)
Thompson (Trail name: Thompson Creek Trail)
Triple Punchbowl (Trail name: Coral Creek Loop)
Two O'Clock Creek (Road name: David Thompson Hwy)
White Goat (Trail name: Coral Creek Loop Trail)

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