Tangle Falls

March 17

St. Patrick's day would take me to Tangle Falls on the edge of the border of Jasper and Banff.  The weather leaving Edmonton in the morning was a positive number, but once we made the trip up the mountain ridge, that's Tangle Ridge, the "Old Man Winter's" effect could be felt.  The light snow was lightly floating in the cold winds on top of Canada's Rockies.

The waterfall can be found near the border close to Lake Louise, just North of the "Big Bend", inside Jasper National Park.  It is neatly tucked away on a curve that reduces it's speed to 50km, due to blinding hills and possible weather related occasions.

Exactly across from the frozen wall is a parking lot for sight seeing and two stalls for a washroom break.  Comically, on this day I was thinking of my bladder first when I pulled over before I noticed the waterfall I've been looking for was adjacent the road.  That being said, the waterfall is unmarked by signs in the winter.  Also Wilcox pass seems to be mostly snow covered, which does not offer for much of a landmark, however would undoubtedly offer something to summer voyages.

In the winter it seems like the waterfall might split into two curtains of approximately 15 meters.  From that point the jagged rocks at the bottom of the 15 meter drop the water seems to collect in pools and cascade for an additional 5 meters.  Again as mentioned before I will attempt to return to this destination in the summer to depict the differences between seasons.

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