Middle Johnston Canyon

May 19, 2012
After the 0.7Km hike to the lower waterfall there is another kilometer, or about 45mins to the upper waterfall.  This part of the trail begins to show more signs of nature and increased difficulty.  The altitude begins to increase more exponentially (however not to any extreme) in comparison to the first leg of the journey.

My journey would call itself quits with my companion before reaching the upper falls, however I did manage to capture one more of the seven smaller waterfalls spread between and before the two falls labeled "lower" and "upper".  This one I'll tag as middle falls as I feel that, in its 4 meter drop, it manages to capture the same essence as the lower falls (just in a tiny package).

What did put a smile to my face was that while waiting and taking pictures of this particular waterfall, I noticed that I was in no way rushed to move out of the way of the crowd of people, nor did I have troubles getting a quality image.  It was at this point that I realized that the trial started to increase in difficulty (however still a beginner trail), and in which case managed to reduce the traffic of people in the area.

Where the lower falls are extremely popular, traveling to the upper falls or Ink Pots is less frequented.  As a direct result of this I managed to start my timelapse of Alberta's waterfalls.  So stay tuned for its release (expected sometime in the fall or winter of 2012).