Tangle Falls

June 15
As promised I've returned to the roadside waterfall that borders Jasper and Banff.  As seen above this waterfall is much different in the summer season.  On this weekend I was merely days after a week long rainfall in the mountains.  As a result the waterfall (and all neighbouring lakes/rivers) was swelled to larger than normal proportions.

Thanks to the extra water shedding from this fall, there was more than usual guests around the area.  Unlike the winter your much more capable of noticing Tangle falls in the distance.  Even though this waterfall is around a bend (and just north of 'Big Bend') people do slow down in the area to take in the naturally aspirating waterfall.  The water collects from this stunningly refreshing sight, into a ditch alongside the road and gravity takes the water down the mountain feeding the trees alongside the road.

To correct myself from the winter, as I had assumed that there was a path near the waterfall, this is actually where the water flows down the mountain.  Though I was correct in my assumption of the beauty that exists in the summer.  The trees surround Tangle falls, however they part in order for you to be able to witness the entire waterfall without having to look around them.