Goals for 2013

In the fall of 2012 I spent more time home indoors looking for information and detailed trail reports than I had hoped.  Though this had slowed down my process of adventuring for waterfalls, it managed to give me a better understanding of the topography in the Rockies.  Now with 2013 anew, I'm planning to put this research to the test, and here's an attempted outline of the goals and what I hope to achieve this year.
  1. In July or August I plan to (once again) revisit Snake Indian falls.  I'm 0-3 on attempts with this waterfall, however this time I have a plan to make my adventure on Horseback!
  2. Late August/Early September I plan to travel South to Waterton Lakes.  Here I found a great number of waterfalls, such as Bertha & Crypt falls, needing to achieve one via Canoe
  3. I've also noticed here on the website that I'm lacking in the Kananaskis Country.  So this makes goal number three Elpoca Falls which should be achieved in late June.  And yes, this will be my second attempt
  4. In the later part of September I could be venturing to Kakwa Falls, an extremely remote destination far North of Jasper.
Aside from these goals there are a number of waterfalls that intrigue me, and will be present on my mind on the remaining months of the year:


  1. Nice website. I stumbled across it looking for some pictures of Snake Indian falls.

    I see your from NB by the looks of it.. Which part if I may ask? I'm from Charlotte County.

    1. Thanks, I'm from Sunbury/Queens county. Middle of nowhere called Hardwood Ridge. I have yet to conquer the long hike towards Snake Indian, and hope to accomplish that this year!

      If you manage to make it to the falls I'd be glad to hear your story.