Ice Climbing

After watching some documentaries on Mount Everest (courtesy of +Netflix), I found myself interested with the sport of ice climbing.  As a result I decided to investigate the options available to me here in Alberta.  I'm nowhere near crazy enough to think I can do Everest on my first try.  Especially since I picture my first attempt to be more comical than adventurous or manly.

In long before discovering Travel Alberta, I thought I would start there, and as expected, they had just what I was looking for.  After all, if I were to climb frozen ice, I'd also be discovering waterfalls in a very different way.

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I'll come right out and say it; the price is a little steep for me to consider this at the moment, especially with all the trips I have in mind this summer/fall (Goals of 2013).  Although I'll be putting my mind towards this for early 2014.

I feel as though this could be a fun adventure by bringing you along for the tour, and my failed attempts at doing this for the first time.  So if it's possible I'll try to bring you along, via +GoPro so I can share my comical failures.

Mat Quigley
March 6, 2013