Goals of 2014

I did this last year, and it worked really well for helping me plan for the year ahead.  It also helped start conversation from those viewing the site, as some people were intrigued by some of the locations mentioned.  I felt like it was a no-brainer for me to announce my intentions for the coming year.  However just like last year some things didn't change as some of my goals went uncompleted.  Although my main goal was achieved by being able to reach a new waterfall each month of the year in 2013.  I look forward to carrying this achievement with me in 2014.

Some of my goals got a little more creative, and thanks in part to your comments on my videos and pictures.  This helped bring about a bit more adventurous side of me in order to locate waterfalls in remote and hard to access locations.
  1. In July, (once again) revisiting Snake Indian falls is my top priority!  In my last attempt I came within 6-7 Km from the destination.  This year is die trying mentality!
  2. January or February I will be attempting (for the first time) to ice climb a frozen waterfall!  With little information on where to start I have yet to determine a park (TBD).
  3. In June, when the snow melts (I know I'm hopeful), I'll be returning  to Whitehorse Provincial Park.  I have yet to complete the bike trip and hike from last year to Whitehorse & Cardinal Falls.
  4. Finally sometime during the summer (most likely August) I will be heading to Kananaskis Country and aiming to complete Rainbow Falls and Dipper Falls on a combo bike-hike trip.
Aside from these goals there are a number of waterfalls that intrigue me, and will be attempted during the remaining months of the year: