Mt. Kidd Falls

December 28, 2013

On the way back from a really good time in K-Country I pulled over to take this shot quickly.  Northbound on Highway 40 you're able to see one of the waterfalls which is part of Mt. Kidd.  There is an actual trail and it does have a couple waterfalls on it; however with limited time on this day I opted to tag this on my site and claim this as an easy roadside waterfall for now.
Mt. Kidd falls is known by ice climbers in the winter time, as the large waterfall offers moderate difficulty.  I uncovered the whereabouts of this waterfall when looking into ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies.  This makes me feel as though this is a common waterfall to at least this group.  However I feel the need to also pursue this in the summer months as well, just to see how it handles the warmer weather.  You can expect me to return to this area (if not frozen perhaps in summer).