Curtain Call

May 18, 2014

Sadly at the end of the ice climbing season this waterfall tucks itself away for the summer.  On this day I would pull over by chance and gawking at me from behind was this nearly completely faded ice climbing waterfall; known as the ominous Curtain Call.  In it's true form this waterfall is one known only by expert climbers, with it's approximate 250 meter drop this waterfall is almost just as hard to get to the base as it is to succeed its climb.

Best captured in February, I would be four months late, but lucked in on capturing this as well as a small smear on it's left known as The Wings.  To find these waterfalls you would need to drive a short 10-15 Kilometers North from Tangle Falls, or a mere 5 Kilometers south of Stanley Falls.

If you arrive in the winter with your crampons and ice picks, happy climbing!