Louise Falls

May 18, 2014

On a stormy day in the Rockies on May long weekend; I would be doing the Lake Louise Loop trail.  The goal at the other end of the lake is a tall daunting waterfall pouring into Lake Louise.  

The total distance of the hike is a little over two kilometers.  From the parking lot area you would be looking at a safe 2.5Km. The entire length of this trail is also flat and along the edge of the lake. In the summer you can canoe the distance and enjoy the beautiful blue water. In the winter months you're able to walk the loop on the ice on your return to the chateau. Either way in all seasons this short day hike trail has beauty all year round.
Small falls off to the side of the lake

Louise Falls is also known to some ice climbers as a good starting point. With it's daunting appeal it is thick enough during the length of winter and it seems wide enough for newcomers to practice their craft. Perhaps one winter I'll have a video to accompany this post of me climbing Louise Falls.