Grizzly Creek Falls

July 12, 2014

This is a waterfall not marked on any map or trail guide and one I`ve had a hunch about for a number of years.  I`ve always wrote this off as one I`ll explore on a day when all my other trail options have thwarted me.  Perched high above the highway Grizzly creek was always a trail I though might explore into the high peaks of Mount Evan-Thomas.  I would only explore a small segment of this trail as there was reported bear sightings in the area.

This day I was aiming to explore Elpoca once again, however this time, just like last year, the trail was closed off.  Although last year it was closed do to "evil"/"angry" bear activity, this time the gate was drawn far before the parking lot with no sign.

I assumed this was one of the many trail repair projects going on from the floods, and wrote this option off.  As described above this would provide me with the opportunity of exploring Grizzly Creek. 

Though there is a waterfall much like I predicted, it is not easily visible from the trail.  You need to do some maneuvering down to the creek in order to face this waterfall straight on.  As there were bears in the vicinity I decided not to stay long.  Mostly because I didn't want my presence to frighten the bear, as standing in a roaring creek would cause the bear not to be able to hear me, let a lone smell me if he came from upwind.  Nonetheless I would snap some quick shots and tag this as proof that my hunch was correct.

The creek drops slightly before snaking a 90 degree angle and plunging for a 3 meter drop.  I feel that further down might have had another drop and waterfall, however that will be something I can explore on my next day.

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