Three Sisters Falls

November 8, 2014

Another short day hike near Canmore, Alberta.  This hike has a bit more difficulty in elevation, though it ends up being shorter than the Heart Creek hike I did earlier this day.  This also often intersects the Highline Trail; which is a mountain biking path.  The benefit is the path is worn and I found often used by bikers.  The only down side is there are a number of intersections where the Highline Trail meets up with the overlapping hiking path.

I would only venture a shot 2 Kilometers and meet up with the old dam site.  The actual Three Sisters Falls is further up stream from this point, but I would stop to save myself from multiple creek crossings and spare my wet feet.

Ultimately I would be scouting this spot for a Spring or Summer return.  From what I gathered with the wide creek bed is the ferocity of the creek in the high flowing months.  As the dam has long since burst and offers a waterfall I felt this was a great stopping point to my scouting trip.