Trapper Creek Falls

December 13, 2014

My initial intention in the Maligne region of Jasper was to scout for what Ice Climbers refer to as "Shades of Ugly".  However as the parking lots were not clear and a line of sight from the road wasn't readily available, I opted for a secondary option and headed down to the lake for Maligne Pass.

In order to start your journey you will park at the end of the road after the Boat House rentals, there will be a large sign for "Bald Hills".  Although the large sign makes no mention of Maligne Pass or Trapper Creek, it does mention Moose Lake.  You'll follow the Bald Hills trail in search of the "Moose Lake" turn off.  At approximately 300 meters you will encounter the sign (photographed above) which will actually make mention of Maligne Pass and Trapper Creek.
Although I didn't travel to the lake (much less Trapper Creek) I did really enjoy myself.  I was strapped into snowshoes for the first time this winter, and as I pushed away snow with my feet, I pondered if this would be a trail better suited for summer or winter.

Even though I do really enjoy snowshoeing and taking pictures of nature's snow covered Christmas trees, I believe that the waterfall would be better seen in the summer.  Even though a view of summer's shimmering Maligne Lake is gorgeous from atop a mountain, the view of glacier-locked Alpines are also a special sight to see.  I noted a small number of skiers and snowshoers in the area, but couldn't help but think back to the packed Maligne Lake shore in August 2014 for my canoe trip.  As I stood taking pictures I really couldn't out-weigh the benefits and cons of the seasons.

I suppose that some day I will need to complete this trip to Trapper Creek and provide my findings.