Bourgeau Falls

February 14, 2015

Once you've loudly swallowed all your fear after seeing the sign above, you can move on to Bourgeau Falls.  This frozen waterfall is found on Mount Bourgeau with access from the Sunshine Village, ski resort.  The best place to park is in the far back near the maintenance lot of the Sunshine Village.  However I know this can be hard as you are sometimes forced to park on the road a long way out from the resort.
Sunshine Village

I was extremely lucky this day as I parked not five feet from the maintenance lot.  From this area you will only need to walk in 500 meters to see the waterfall.  To reach the base of the waterfall you will only need to do another 200 meters.

I do have to caution that you should take this hike respectfully as you will need to walk in behind the Sunshine Village lot while in operation in the winter.  Alternatively you could take the gondola up on your snowboarding adventure and see the waterfall from the chair ride.