Lower Whitehorse Falls

March 20, 2015

The first day of spring in Alberta and I spent the night being thrashed about by 50km/hr winds and doused by a snow rain combination.  Yes the typical Alberta Spring had landed and that morning I would set off with a 12 kilometer journey in mind.

As this past winter's force had been less than present and the past two weeks saw positive temperatures, I had planned for a balmy -2 hike and a -10 overnight sleep.  Due to my woefully inadequate night sleep I had the night before, after setting off for the first kilometer it started to be apparent to me that I wouldn't have much better night sleep in the backcountry.

My stubbornness however didn't allow me to quit due to those reasons alone.  In the vast emptiness that was Whitehorse Creek I stood taking pictures of Lower Whitehorse Falls.  Not even the sound of birds chirping or wind gusting yet at that moment I felt like I was being watched.  With nothing more than a gut feeling (one that felt like I ate year old hot dogs) I decided to pack it in.

It had been a couple years since I've been down this path and I was excited to tackle this again, however it saddens me that my instincts (like nothing I've experienced) turned me around.