O.D Falls

July 23, 2015

During the higher water flow season I set off on Pinto Lake Trail with a goal to capture as many waterfalls as possible along the various side trails.  I once again stopped at O.D creek and even found another path above the creek on a ridge.  

The water seems to create two falls below the bridge.  There appears to be a smaller upper falls (Below) and a much more prominent lower falls into the Cline River (above; as best as I could muster).

Only 2.2 Kilometers in on your hike you will cross this creek.  The sad news is there isn't a good view of the waterfall.  The reason for this is because you are standing atop the spot where the falls occur and the over growth of trees causes a great deal of coverage looking down on the creek.  I'll have to explore the view from the Coral Creek trail to see if this offers a better broad view.