Thompson Falls

August 27, 2015

I've driven past many times but have never quite attempted this creek.  Though closer to the road looks uninviting for waterfalls, there is one after a 1Km hike up the creek.  The only awkward news is the parking arrangement to access this waterfall. at the Thompson Creek Campground.

I wasn't able to seek out a proper parking spot for hikers, as it appears they only have camp sites in the campground.  Seeing as there is no pull over or parking lot on the opposite side of the road from the campground I opted to pull into a camp site for a moment while I crossed the road to do my hike.

From the road into the campsite you will cross directly to the other side (keeping in mind this is highway speeds and no cross walk exists).  After crossing the highway you will walk directly to the creek and follow the blazed trail north in towards the mountain.

Though this is a light and short hike I do have some mentions of caution.  Firstly the trail is fraught with many fallen trees, numbering into the twenties that you need to hurdle or duck under.  Secondly there is a patch of dead wood (caused by a long ago forest fire) that is ominous and still has potential of some widow makers in their mix.

This all being said I did greatly enjoy the look of the waterfall.  Even though this waterfall was my height, give or take, the colouring and simplistic beauty of Thompson Falls makes it worth a short struggle.