Peskett Canyon Falls

January 16, 2016

First off I could be here all day listing off some of the naming conventions of this canyon, creek and waterfall.  I will list the most common (and drop the other half dozen); Peskett Canyon, BAUTUS Canyon, End of the Line & O.D Canyon.

As the O.D. Creek flows in the opposing direction, on the other side of the mountain peak, I decided that this was not a proper naming convention of this canyon (despite the top of the waterfall starting from the O.D peak).  I also made a decision to drop BAUTUS Canyon, as this had been named by the ice climbing community.  Although this waterfall only really found recognition because of the ice climbers that climbed their ascent, one frozen winter; the name BAUTUS Canyon caused it to fall short for its presence in the summer months.

The region does however regularly speak of the creek as Peskett Creek, in both summer and winter, which causes me to continue with the name as Peskett Canyon Falls.

The parking area for this waterfall is hard to find.  Given the location of Elliot's Left Hand and the labeled Range Road 180A, you will only need to travel two kilometers further towards Two O'Clock Creek.  The canyon is predominant and the trees are parted offering a clear view from the road.  Once more there is a road that ventures down towards Abraham Lake which offered a shoulder to pull over and park.  Though unlike Mount Elliot's range road, this one is not a labeled road, and possibly only in existence for people going down for ice fishing.

The good news is the hike is only 1.6Km, although these kilometers are on a pretty steep canyon cliff.  After the first kilometer you are given a base camp, most often used by those in the summer attempting to ascend the daunting col O.D and into the Cline River/Pinto Lake trail.

At this point the trail starts to get a little more difficult.  Though the distance isn't impressive, the remainder of the hike into the canyon is on the frozen creek.  Without proper grips on the ice, this can prove to be much more difficult.  Also in order to get to the first, and much smaller, frozen waterfall you might need the help of some ropes to properly climb the boulders in the canyon.

After passing this first test of athleticism, you are only a few meters from the foot of the first waterfall.  With proper climbing gear, you shouldn't have a worry about passing this athletic hurdle either.  As with three well placed bounds you can leap this smaller waterfall.  Sadly for me, I do not have climbing gear, and when I started to climb (with the help of the pre-placed ropes) I almost managed to wedge my ankle sideways between two rocks.  As a result this is where I ceased my attempt, for the time being, deciding to return at a later date.