Selenium Falls

February 13, 2016

The waterfalls of a few names, Selenium Falls also goes by Spray Falls or Spray River Falls.  I chose to stick with Selenium Falls as the Spray River is contained to the basin of the valley and doesn't start with this waterfall.  The trail is more commonly known as a "summer trail" to many people.  I'm not sure why, as this is an ice climb in the winter and though it isn't plowed, I've walked on much more difficult "winter trails".

One thing to note was I came up short of the waterfall, which I'll try again in the summer or spring as I had Loki with me on the hike.  I've noticed a theme in Banff, where dogs are not allowed on any trails.  Which as a dog owner I was saddened to uncover this.

I also intended to hike toward The Professor from the golf course, following Spray River this weekend.  Although due to the recent warm and cool, up and down weather of the last few days I opted to keep away from areas of certain avalanche.  The good news was, from the gondola parking lot, you can almost make out the formation of The Professor on Mt. Rundle. 
View from Gondola looking across to The Professor