Lower Johnston Falls

Feb 13, 2011

This week in Feb was anywheres from +3 to +7, which I figured was a great time to go have a look at the frozen falls starting to melt. I wasn't the only one who thought the same thing. When we got to the falls there were tour guides and dozens of people walking to and from the Johnson Canyon. It was also a beautiful day to watch the clouds drift over the mountains and watch wild life come out of the bush in search for food.
All these reasons were enough to tie up most of my morning and not get to the falls until late. I wasn't able to make it to the second set of falls, however I did spend time at the lower falls to admire the new opening in the water pool below the falls. The water was gushing, and showing signs of spring, as was the stream on the walk up.
The drive the the Lower Falls are simple: A short trip north of the town of Banff, take your first exit on Route 1A (The road during the winter is a less plowed than the main roads). This road goes until you spot the sign for Johnson Canyon (aprox 18Km). From the parking lot you walk to the falls on a well maintained path. In the summer it is a paved walkway, however the winter has enough travelers that it will be packed down for you to walk on. The walk is not much further than a kilometer.