Lower Sunwapta Falls

April 23, 2011

It's been some time since I've last set out for waterfalling. I was waiting for the weather to show better signs of summer. The last month was anywheres from a warm summer like day to a snowy blizzard. This weekend started to show signs of summer again and so I capitalized on my opening before it decides to snow again.
I set out on this journey for Stanley Falls, in a location closer to the Banff--Jasper border. Naturally I decided to stop at another waterfall on the way. I noticed the sign on the main road which pointed towards the falls. The area to the Upper waterfall is easy access, even during the off season. The path is padded down from a good number of people walking through, and on this +10 degree day, my travel group wasn't alone observing the frozen falls. My group managed to run into a tourist from the United States, in Alberta for work.

However the walk to the Lower falls was only slightly padded down, and wasn't recently traveled. Although the path was easily navigable even during the winter. This made for a decent walk with our new companion from the US, to the lower falls. The walk is 2 km, and through the tall trees, your able to see the river that flows down from the upper falls. It's a beautiful sight on the sunny day to see the river, and Rockies in the background.
Once we made it to the location of the falls the rushing water was showing signs of what will come during the summer. The snow was still around the falls, and the rushing water was from the melting snow further upstream. The location around these falls are also guarded off like the upper falls, so it would be acceptable to have the family walk this during the summer. From what I can tell the summer will also have a great deal of colourful green signs of nature.