Upper/Middle Sunwapta Falls

- Upper
April 23rd
As in my post for Lower Sunwapta Falls, this day was surprisingly warm for the weather as of late. However unlike the Lower falls, there was no hike involved to the upper part of the falls. The roundabout parking area is next to the falls, where the walkways are well padded down even during the winter. The Upper waterfalls are really two separate waterfalls, both at the time of my trip were well frozen. Sadly these falls were both relatively covered with snow, and offered little photographic chances.
The top part of the upper falls is visible while standing on the top of the area where the bottom part will later be visible. In a couple months the water fed area above will be more visible. It will be at this time when you'll be able to see the chiseling affect of the water which has carved the canyon walls years past.
The walk to the Middle Falls is the same direction as the Lower falls. These middle falls are only a few meters from the lower falls, which is why the signs that direct you towards these falls don't mention the middle falls.
Although not marked properly, these falls are distinctively a middle class to the Sunwapta falls. These middle falls do feed their own pool of calming water a few meters before the lowest set of falls commence. Unlike the Upper falls, where the cascading top part of the falls are directly connected to the bottom part of the falls, which is why this is together called the upper falls.
(see Lower Sunwapta Falls for details of the hike to the Middle falls).