Snake Indian Falls

July 30, 2011

So I set off in the afternoon from Edmonton to find this waterfall, with little to go on, but a googled picture in my mind.  In hindsight had I spent a little more time researching the route, I would have realized that there is a 30 min off-road drive and a 50km Hike.

On this occasion I did not manage to get to them as I never had any essentials to camp the night.

However before I go back to capture these falls, I do want to mention the road should be travelled by a good reliable off-road vehicle.  Four wheel drive is definitely a preference, and I would recommend only traveling this road if it seems dry.  Once you turn off the main road to Jasper, you start almost immediately onto a dirt rock road, which for it's length, has moments of need for higher clearance vehicles with the ability to climb up steep mountains.

With this aside, the view from atop the mountain is stunning, and the short walk I managed on this day was also serene.  Snaring River (which flows down to the falls), is very cold and picturesque.

I leave you with a promise to return to this area well equipped and prepared for the hike.