Upper Spray Falls

Aug 20, 2011

These waterfalls are a nice small set, perfect for anyone in the Calgary area looking to get a short hike with a rewarding view.
The Spray Falls are located down the George Biggy rd. off the highway, on your way towards Banff.  Drive past the quarry for a kilometer and you'll notice an opening in the trees to your right.  The parted trees have telephone polls running down the hill towards the stream.  Follow this path downhill to the stream and you'll then continue down stream to get to the Upper Spray Falls.

The day I went was a nice warm sunny afternoon, perfect for a hike in the outdoors.  It's been some time since I've succeeded at finding a waterfall in the Rockies, so I went back to basics (and found an easily accessible waterfall).

This waterfall is a small hike in itself, as the path isn't completely cleared.  The hike downstream had some fallen trees and crevasses/valley to walk around.  Although I'd consider this an easy waterfall to get to, it isn't necessarily perfectly accessible.  I would recommend this waterfall to somebody looking for a small adventure, or somebody looking to start out their waterfalling sport.

The upper falls are given the name 'spray' for a reason.  Turns out when my girlfriend and I were sitting on the rocks below the falls, we were constantly misted by the short distance the water dropped before it hit some large rocks.  It isn't an unbearably mist, however quite the opposite; it's more of a rewarding spray of fresh cold water offered to us on a warm day.

The flora surrounding the waterfall mostly consisted of trees.  These trees immediately around the waterfall, are not the type to change come fall.  Although the path you travel along the stream, both up and down from the telephone pols, will have more to offer to the fall adventurer.

These falls are great for anybody looking to learn about waterfalls or interested in the varying types of waterfalls that exist.  Upper Spray Falls are divided into two types of waterfalls, the upper and larger section is a cascading waterfall; slowly collapsing water on a gradual slope smashing against rocks on its way down.  The second is a perfect example of a sheet fall; this type is when you have a wider (rather than longer) fall where the water isn't in contact on decent.  Most times the second smaller type is often considered some of the prettiest of waterfalls.