Troll Falls

September 4, 2011

Troll falls involves a decent hike in the woods and along trails and a rewarding cool waterfall.  Troll falls are found down highway 40 through Kananaskis Country and accessed through the cross country ski trails at Nakiska.

During the summer these trails are a gentle walk in the wilderness.  On our trip out on this day it was a final warm day of late summer.  The sun way up high and the heat was around 25 degrees so once we got to the waterfall inside the high canyon like walls it was a cool relief from our hike.  The walls around the area refrigerate the viewers and provide them with a 16 meter plunge.

Unlike many falls I've been to to date, these ones are one of the most popular.  I assume it's because of the ease of access during the winter to cross country skiers.  I could only imagine how cool this waterfall would have felt earlier on in the summer months when your experiencing high degrees of heat.

The trees in the area are skinny spruce which spend their time growing higher rather than wider.  As they are mostly spruce the area will look similar during the winter.  The river that feeds from the falls runs narrow and doesn't feed much in terms of grass or other greenery except the trees.

I would recommend this waterfall to anybody who's looking for a great walk on the hottest of summer days, a walk that goes into the woods and ends with an air conditioned waterfall.