Upper Sunwapta Falls

September 10, 2011

I returned to these falls to capture the summer version of what I remembered last winter.  On this trip out I planned to capture many falls in the Jasper and Banff regions.  Sunwapta was the first on my journey.  I awoke from my night's camp bright and early to be at these falls for 6:30am.
The Upper Sunwapta falls has what almost looks like a punchbowl on top of it before the falls plunges 10 meters to the river basin. During the summer these falls are raw with power which your able to hear from the parking lot.  The river it feeds is wide and relatively deep at some points.  This goes to show that there is a lot of water rushing through this part of Sunwapta falls.
The walk towards the next set of falls is very picturesque thanks to this river weaving it's way down the slope, through bountiful mountains to its eventual drop at its next location downstream.