Middle Sunwapta Falls

September 10, 2011
The Middle Sunwapta falls are much easier to see during the summer.  In the winter these falls are mostly covered by snow, though your still able to hear them and the rushing water beneath the white blanket during the warmer months.
On this summer trip, I managed to see the Middle falls in all its glory.  The pathway you stand on goes right up to the cliff where the falls tumble its sheet of water.  This makes it slightly difficult to photograph, but gives you full view of the 5 meter drop up close.
Further off in the distance, up the river, you can see a 1 meter wall waterfall.  Something that is common along the river between Upper and Middle Sunwapta falls.
The amount of rocks and strength of the current would deter any animals from visiting this site for a drink.  I would figure any mammal visiting this specific viewpoint would be a rare blessing.  Luckily after it's final decent from Lower Sunwapta falls the water mellows and starts a lovely river, feeding many species of animals and flowers.