Lower Sunwapta Falls

September 10, 2011
This is the final 4 meter drop before the river calms and nourishes the many species downstream.  The trail will take you straight to the viewpoint of these pictures, where the waterfalling journey ends for this river shed.
The Lower Sunwapta falls are, in my opinion, the most serene and picturesque.  Standing from on top of these falls your able to see "the world", or at least it seems; as it offers you a view of the Rockies being cut by the path, of a finally peaceful, blue walkway, which is flanked by the lush green trees and vegetation.
The hike, from the Upper to Lower falls during the summer is down a dirt walkway with many tree roots lifted and crossing your path. This walk is still easy and wide enough for people to pass you on your journey.  The two kilometer hike is well worth it just for that view.  It is a tranquil moment of peace that lifts the weight of your stress and carries them downstream.