Lower Stanley Falls

September 10, 2011

It takes a lot for me to say this, but I was highly impressed by these waterfalls.  In the winter I only got one shot; a fragment of the Upper falls.  That shot was very beautiful, but I had no idea of how many falls, and how large they would be after the snow melted.

The Lower Stanley falls are the second on your journey.  I managed to miss out on a photographic chance to capture, much less see, the even lower falls that exist just above the river.  I could hear them on my walk up, and on my next journey out will try to spend more time here at Stanley, as I believe there might even be more Upper falls further up.

The walk from the parking location is mostly an old railway trail that has long since been torn out.  Once you make it to where the bridge use to be, there is a trail leading into the wilderness.  Be cautious on your journey out this way, as on this day I managed to find traces of bears in the area.  The walk is a slightly rough terrain, with some slopes and some exposed tree roots.  Unlike some waterfalls, such as Sunwapta, there are no guard rails along the cliff.  The Lower falls pictured here are less than a minute along this path.

The view along this trail is not necessarily the most beautiful, though it is a nice hike.  The trees along the path are tall, and make for good shade along your trail up stream to the other set of falls.