Middle Stanley Falls

September 10, 2011

The Middle Stanley falls cascade for roughly 14 meters in a really long series of small falls.  It rips through the rocky path of a mountain side.

This is only 2 minutes further up from the Lower Stanley Falls, though only really viewable once you walk over the river.  There is a small cover over the river which allows for passage.  This walk across isn't easy, and I would only recommend to active people.  There is a level of climbing involved and the drop to the rushing river is easily over 15 meters.

The beauty of these falls are the vegetation that exists above, where you walk along the path, and its contrast against the jagged rock cliff that is visible along the river and besides all parts of these falls.  Once your near the falls, especially from this view, you can see the hard rock face turn into the green grass and trees that you pass along your journey.