Upper Stanley Falls

September 10, 2011

The Upper Stanley falls may not be the most upper chain of this river.  I stopped at this point, but will continue along this path on another summer day.

The bottom most picture is a view of the entire series that is the Upper Stanley falls.  The other two are closer versions of the top and bottom of the falls.  The top most picture is a view of the bottom of the Upper falls, which is achievable through a path that descends to the river below.  From the river view you can really see the rushing power that is these falls.

From what I can tell these waterfalls have carved their way through the mountain region.  Judging from the immense power that rushes through this river current, your able to appreciate nature in its most  finest raw form.  The area is extremely loud and for good reason, these falls are some of the most powerful I've seen that weren't fed by snow melt.  When the snow melts these falls must be incredibly powerful, as at the time I went to these falls was when the snow is expected to drop in a month or two.

The Upper Stanley falls drops a total of 17 meters, and is one of the most powerful waterfalls I've seen so far in Jasper National Park.  On my next summer excursion I will further explore the Stanley falls region for more waterfalls and better pictures.