Overlander Falls

July 14, 2012

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My journey to the Rockies following the ominous Friday the 13th, would take me to Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Colombia.  This isn't technically a waterfall in Alberta, however I felt that this should still be shared with everyone.

At the Mount Robson visitor information center there is a trail that will eventually end at the Overlander Falls.  This trail should take you approximately 45 minutes according to the large sign display at the information site.

My journey would be a little different this day, and I would opt to take the shorter trail a short travel East down the highway towards Jasper.  However I did stop at the information spot, and would have the "Mountain Muffin" for breakfast - which I highly recommend.

A couple minutes down the Highway you'll come across a parking lot on your right.  This is where the trail from the information center will link up.  From here the hike is a mere couple minutes from the road and is easily accessible.  The hike towards the falls is all downhill, which means that you'll be faced with the uphill challenge once you decide to return.  The waterfall itself isn't large, although I would say it is wide.  This curtain waterfall would be much more powerful in the following picture than normal, as at this point in the summer there is high strains of flooding in the Rockies.

The interesting part of the waterfall is the name and it's story.  A group of 175 men and one woman decided to travel on foot from Ontario to BC.  The average route was by water around the continent, because nobody had attempted to travel the distance over land (Overlander Falls).