Snake Indian Falls

July 20, 2012

On this mid July journey I would re-attempt the journey to Snake Indian Falls.  This was my first attempt in fully documenting the way towards the falls, along with narrating the video.  Unlike my first time visiting this area, I returned with a bike in order to complete the 58km hike (29km one way).

Follow the following video to recieve more information on the North Boundry Trail, and my travels to Snake Indian Falls. (Snake Indian Falls video) .

As you can tell there are no pictures of the waterfalls on this occasion.  I'm hopeful that I can complete the journey and will eventually have a photograph of the 100 meter waterfall displayed on this site.

As I mention in the video this was my 3rd attempt to travel to these waterfalls; the first occasion was previously documented on this site, where I first realized that the trail was not for day hikers.  The second encounter was when I was unable to even attempt the trail as there were severe flooding at the Snaring River (which caused the road to be closed).  On this third attempt I made a decision to halt my travel short at 10km to my goal; as I was running low on water, and didn't feel safe to complete the travel alone with no water supply.

I did have a beautiful day to complete this travel, as eventually the sun came out and made the scenery breath a stunning lively colour and gave me a bounce in my step.

In filming this encounter I ended up using extra energy (sometimes biking a hill twice for the shot), which gave me greater praise for Les Stroud and his iconic filming abilities.  I feel as though I have an addiction to this now, and will promise to capture as many journey's as possible with you (the viewer) strapped in for the ride!