Journal posting

August 16, 2012
It’s been about a month since my last post.  Though I haven’t been to the mountains or on any trails sniffing out waterfalls I do come bearing gifts.  I’ve been nested in Edmonton, glued to my computer lately, though this hasn’t been a bad thing as I’ve turned out 29 potential waterfalls and their locations.  The majority of which are found in the Kananaskis region, though some are located in new locations to me such as Lundbreak and Kakwa.
Some of these waterfalls include (but are not limited to): Kakwa Falls, Opal Falls, Edworthy Falls, Giant Steps, Cameron Falls, Crescent Falls, Swirling Mist & Jewell.
I’m also updating the site with GPS coordinates to the rough area that each of these waterfalls have been taken.  Now under each location, next to where the waterfalls are listed, you will see GPS coordinates to aide you in your travels.
I encourage anybody reading to comment below (even as anonymous) to let me know of some waterfalls in your region, or perhaps some that you’ve visited that you don’t see posted.  Keep in mind you don’t need an account to comment on this site.
I’m hoping to get another entry by the start of September...