Crescent Falls

September 1, 2012

On my way back from vacation I decided to take a more scenic route back to Edmonton.  This would cause me to take the Saskatchewan Crossing (the road that intersects Jasper and Banff, near Lake Louise).  This road will eventually be labled the David Thompson Corridor, and you will be traveling through the Kootenay Plains Provincial Park.

To this day this area is not as well known, and overshadowed to the effect of Jasper and Banff.  However there are some pleasant jewels in and around this small park.  One thing I noticed for sure was how much more open you are in comparison to the Icefield Parkway.  This allowed me to take in the mountains and Lakes without looking straight up.

With that aside there are around 2-3 waterfalls in this area.  The one listed above being the most popular.  Sadly I didn't get the waterfall, as I spent my daylight at the lake, and lost track of time.  The road to the falls is marked, and found across from a convenience/gas station.

I will return to this waterfall, and perhaps capture one more of the more difficult ones in the area.