Bow Glacier Falls

Feb 17, 2013
Early in the morning my girlfriend and I would set off from Lake Louise to attempt hiking towards Bow Glacier in the winter time.  My excitement levels were racing, knowing that there were two potential waterfalls to capture; Bow Glacier Falls and River Canyon Falls.

To my dismay on this day I would not be able to hike to either waterfall; nor was I able to capture it on video as I had planned.  The reason for my disappointment, was in two parts.  First this hike is much easier with snowshoes, as the short distance we've traveled towards the Num-ti-jah Lodge and Bow Lake, we managed to fall in to our waists.  I had anticipated a level of this difficulty in hiking a trail such as this.  This leads me to my second problem as I miss judged human nature.
The many people who had gone towards the glacier on this day had used either snowshoes or cross country skis, and decided to take advantage of the frozen lake at their disposal.  With them taking the lake, I had no option but to thwart my attempt at hiking, as I did not want to risk thin ice for either me or Sophie.
Needless to say, you are still able to see Bow Glacier and it's waterfalls from the roadside, and I did manage to take a zoomed-in shot of them from there.  This has taught me much about this area, as many of my attempts in the winter, and I will return in the summer with Sophie by my side.
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