Silverton Falls

Feb 16, 2013
On this occasion in Banff I would bring my girlfriend along and while we spent our weekend in the park, we managed to pick up a couple roadside waterfalls such as this one.  Silverton Falls are found a short 700 meters hike inwards towards Rockbound Lake; along highway 1A (the same highway as Johnson Canyon).

The angle from which I took the picture at the top and bottom of this page is not achievable during the summer.  The reason for that is simple, I was standing on top of part of the lower section of the frozen waterfall.  Although I might add that during the summer time the path atop a nearby cliff is accessible; and in which case you are able to capture a similar angle of the top section.

The hike in towards this waterfall follows a detached trail that would normally go towards Rockbound Lake.  There is ample signage of the deviating trail and you are somewhat able to see the river which flows from above the falls.  Although the river seems shallow in the winter, I'm sure that it ebbs more during the summer months as the snow packed waterfall pictured is more capable of free flowing.

On this day there were a good deal of fallen trees that we both had to duck under and weave through.  As this is a decently popular hike in the summer months, I would like to see how maintained the trail is by investigating the effort put towards these dead logs and widow-makers.