Site design updates

Since January this year I've decided to revamp the look and interactions on the website.  As a result I've added a Twitter button, for everyone to interact on social media for this website; or use it as a tool to contact me.

I've also added more information on the about me section, including a picture from my hike in Dec 2012.

Third I've added a Google translate option for those wanting to view in French or other languages. Although I caution that it isn't the most perfectly sound translator.

Fourth, I've included a search box for you to look-up words or sentences mentioned on any of the posts I've made.

Finally, and my most favorite addition, I've embedded Google maps to the "Maps & Locations" section. This is designed now to give you a better visual look at the locations of the waterfalls in those areas.  Such as, Jasper, Banff, David Thompson Highway & Kananaskis.

Mat Quigley
Feb 12, 2013