O'Shaughnessy Falls

March 29, 2013

As I made a trip into K-Country I decided to stop by this roadside waterfall to have a look at it during the Winter month.  As seen above the winter (on this part of the highway) seems to have reseeded.

As noted before this waterfall is marked with a tiny sign (Point of interest) 300 meters before its destination.  Approaching from either North or South, you will notice Barrier Lake.  This lake is large and has a couple areas to pull over for a view.  The next thing I would keep my eye out for would be the well on the East side of the road.  As there will be a pull over spot past the well, you will be granted the chance to turn around.

If I'm honest the waterfall isn't anywhere's near as stunning as the scenery around it.  Despite the graffiti on the well, it still looks nice.  Also Barrier Lake is daunting to say the least, and in the summer is definitely an sight to behold.  So as far as the waterfall goes, I would say it's my least favorite, however the scenery around it is stunning and worth a look.

I looked around for a history of the well and waterfall, but haven't found anything yet. Comment below if you have something otherwise I'll keep trying to dig into this on my next adventure.