Bridal Veil & Panther Falls

April 28, 2013

Resting snug at the top of Banff, near the border to Jasper, these two waterfalls are found at the top elevation above the "Big  Bend".  Just outside the Columbia Icefields, this area can see snow for a good portion of the year.  Where on this day the remainder of the park seemed set for Spring, this portion of the park was still embracing the winter.

There is no hiking needed to see these waterfalls.  At the top of "The Big Bend" you will pull over to the rest area, where with good binoculars (or a good telephoto lens) you're able to see the waterfalls.  As mentioned before, this area was still embracing winter, however had seen some moments of Spring thaw.  As a result the waterfalls are still frozen, however are not frozen at their true size.  The Winter snapped back before the Spring could start a fully flowing waterfall, which caused the frozen falls to shrink in size.

As the trees are still struggling to some out of their snow covered naps, it would be until late June that you may see a flowing waterfall here.  If I make a pass through the Columbia Icefields in the Summer around that time, then I'll be sure to haul out my zoom lens and capture these two flowing.