Big Bend

April 28, 2013

This waterfall is captured best during the winter thaw month, however, although early, I did manage to spot it in its frozen state.  During the true Winter you would sometimes be luck to spot this waterfall, as the snow in the area collects on top of it.  This late April had a snap Winter return, in which case I managed to capture the waterfall uncovered.

At the foothills of "The Big Bend" you will find this waterfall towards Big Bend Mountain.  At the bottom of the incline there is a rest area, where you'll pull over and walk a short distance straight into the woods.  The walk is short (maybe 0.2Km), and you're able to see the waterfall with a decent zoom lens.  The picture I have below is taken with a 200mm lens.

I was ready to bypass this area on my way through, however the frozen blue caught my eye.  I had originally put this waterfall off until a month or two in order to capture the flow after the snow melts.  This goes to show that sometimes you never know when a waterfall will present itself; as the weather can cause it to overflow, or conversely it could restrict flow.  In either case I managed to capture this roadside waterfall, and still plan to capture it again once the Winter weather melts away.