Ice Falls (Two O'Clock Creek)

April 28, 2013

I continued my journey through the David Thompson Highway to capture some simple waterfalls on this late April day.  However unlike the previous pictured in the Icefields, this area was a little more warmer looking.  The snow mostly was removed from the roadside, and receded to the mountain tops.  Although that did not mean it was any warmer.  In fact quite the opposite, as the wind was strong going through this area.

As always the David Thompson Corridor was beautiful.  I have yet to go through this area and not feel awestruck by the beauty.  Despite the wind the sun was out and the sky blue, which helped enhance the look around me.  I spent some time taking photos of the area as I normally do here.  So far this corridor is one of my favorite places in the Rockies.

This waterfall itself is visible from the road, however the Two O'Clock creek campground hike will take to right on top of it.  I was short for time and not able to do the actual hike, though that did not stop me from parking the car and photographing the Ice Falls from the rest area across from the campground.  The hike to the top of the waterfall is a decent hike and approximately 4Km.  Perhaps next year once the campsite opens in Summer I'll set my sights for this area and climb to the top.  I have limited knowledge of the campsite on how frequent people traffic it, however it is a substantial size, so I assume it is popular.

On this day the mountain goats had populated the fields around the campsite.  Despite the site being closed for the Winter, it had struck my curiosity to whether this was a frequent occurrence during the Summer. I'm also curious on how powerful this waterfall is during the Summer months.  I'm not sure what it's source is fed from (lake, spring, etc) and as a result not sure it summer size or how visible it may be, roadside or up close.