Alberta Rocky News

Over the past month I've been considering doing a weekly or bi-weekly segment on Alberta Rocky News.  I'm not sure if this is relevant enough for a regular viewing, however my idea was to cover some of the following topics for the Alberta Rockies.
  • Area closures
  • Events/ festivals
  • Weather
  • Seasonal park or road openings/closures
This is an idea at this point, and I'll continue to mull this over for some time.  I'll gladly take suggestions for news topics; so feel free to comment below or contact me to let me know your thoughts.

The idea originated as I've joined twitter and notice I'm following an array of feeds from various parks (National/Provincial) for updates on closures.  I also seek information from The Weather Network for my "good news" across various towns that surround the mountains.  This made me consider consolidating this information on one YouTube video so everyone can be kept aware while traveling Alberta on vacations or weekends.  As living in Edmonton and being over 3 hours from the Rockies I know it hurts sometime when plans need to change at "last minute".