Whitehorse Falls

May 18, 2013

What a day this one turned out to be, and do I ever have information to share for you here.  These waterfalls are found in Whitehorse Provincial Park, 6Km south of the hamlet of Cadomin.  As per the sign above the trail is 12Km, however take note that that trail is best suited for horseback riding or hiking on foot.  Though this area does allow for people to mountain bike, it is a very rough terrain with many loose rocks and muddy areas.  I'd only advise biking this path if you are an avid biker.

Although I did not manage to capture the large waterfalls at the end of the trip, I did manage the ones early on and in the middle of the trail.  By sticking to the river (Lower Whitehorse trail) I came across some additional small waterfalls.  However on bike I must advise to take the upper trail as it is more suited for mountain bikers (not saying much though as both were strung with many loose rock).

Mike; Co-host on the video

At the very start of the trail you will encounter a series of 2-3 small waterfalls no larger than 2 meters.  They are beautiful and as cold as you might imagine.  However may only exist during the strong melt season weather; as on the next morning we re-investigated this area and it seemed to have less flow, and less of a waterfall compared to the afternoon the day prior.

Despite me forewarning people that this trail is difficult on bike, please visit as this area is becoming more popular.  The May long weekend had most campsites reserved, even though there were only roughly 25-30 sites to pick from.  Of those sites perhaps 10 of them were equipped for equestrian enthusiasts; as they came prepared for two horses to be comfortably saddled up.  This lends my forewarning again that the trail is best suited for these horses; and on this day we would encounter a couple, on the trail and saddled back at camp.

Lower Whitehorse Falls

As you may be able to tell in the +GoPro video we had quite the adventure.  We persevered despite obstacles like loose rock, rough terrain, washed out trails, fjords, mud and snow.  We captured some beautiful waterfalls and had an amazing day outdoors. Although in the end it was the snow up in the higher elevation that would bring us to a grinding halt.  We would complete 9.5Km of 12Km this day, 8.75 of those Kilometers on the bike.

Middle Whitehorse Falls

If you're ready for this trail on the bike I would suggest waiting until summer truly comes in to play in perhaps July.  Otherwise you'll end up like we did powering the bike through the 5cm snow and mud.  I wished that at this point I could share the towering waterfalls with you, but instead I hope the information may help you on your journey ahead in the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies.