Cardinal Falls

May 18, 2013

The photo above is my tribute to the hamlet of Cadomin.  This is a very small hamlet with a population in the 60's.  This also goes to show that this area in terms of parks are not busy or very well known.  However I'll immediately push aside any false thought to that regard as the people are friendly and Whitehorse Provincial Park has a stunning view of the Rockies.  One thing you do manage to encounter is the growing popularity of equestrian enthusiasts.

I must continue on some negatives though.  Those being that the upkeep and money spent in this area has dropped off the charts if you were to compare to Jasper or even Kananaskis Country.  In order to find a well detailed map of this park you will need to scour the internet pretty heavily.  I would recommend Alberta Trail Net as they seem to have he best one I've found (which happens to be better than whats even offered at the park itself).  As a result I was unaware that this waterfall (despite being 6.5Km) was down a very off beat road.  Perhaps due to the time of year this road did require a decent all wheel drive vehicle (or one you'd rely on).

I will return to this area as where the trail splits near the waterfall you can go into Jasper (via South Boundary Trail).  The images I've seen on the internet of this Cardinal Divide were breathtaking to say the least.  However I also note that all images I've found were taken during what I would assume to be July or August; in the peak of summer.