Allstones Falls

August 2, 2013

This hike in total would take me 2 hours for a 9 Km round trip.  The actual Allstones hike (which people would refer) is the hike to the lake.  The lake hike is very rewarding as your elevation gain is staggering at the beginning, though you get a greater view of Abraham Lake and surrounding mountain peaks.  The hike to the waterfall is in the creek bed, where you will need to cross the water often, so bring a good pair of shoes, or a spare pare for your return.

The water itself is very cold, even though it never came above my knees at any point, and truthfully was only ever as high as my shin on average.  Though that said a pair of shorts would have been a good idea, as I wore jeans expecting some simpler river crossings.

The main thing I'm trying to explain here is expect to get wet in search for this waterfall.  Though I must say i picked a great time of day to do my hike. I set off just before noon, and the mid day heat would hit before I would start my return.  As was the case the sun would be beating down on me in the creek bed.  Though stumbling while crossing the creek caused me to cool off my legs while I returned to the road.

In order to gain access to this area, there is a sign that denotes Allstones Creek, and on one side of the road there will be two driveways.  One for a campsite and the other for hikers completing the Allstones trail.  On the approach from the West you will pass the White Goat campsite (denoted on a sign as Cline Creek).  On the East approach you will pass the Bighorn Dam.

The actual difficulty of the hike to the waterfall is completely reliant on how well you can balance.  The hike isn't long or very difficult, however if you're attempting to stay dry, or at least dryer, then the difficulty will be with crossing the creek.  I managed the hike without bringing water or snacks, as I treated this as a genuine day hike.  Though you will be required at times to climb up and over some rocks and fallen trees.  
However as I mention this, there was a mature family (no children), with 3 dogs, whom completed the hike alongside me.  Two of the dogs were Terriers, and too small to successfully cross most crossings.  Once in a while they did try to cross and ignore help from people; which they would shiver on the other side from the cold water, as it mostly submerged them.  Though the Golden Retriever managed the trail with ease, and seemed to very much enjoy himself.  He would even run ahead and check out to see how I was coping, then return to his family.

I very much did enjoy this hike, and would do it again, with shorts and a spare pair of shoes.

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