White Goat Falls

Aug 2, 2013

To sum this waterfall up in a short couple of words; Small and hard to find.  Not that my summation makes me resent going to these waterfalls, but it was very hard to locate this waterfall.  The locals are somewhat aware of it's existence, however shrug it off as a worthy hike.  For one I can agree that they are given the fortune of being picky, as this highway system is littered with majestic views of the great Abraham Lake.

Locating the waterfall...

First is trying to find the road.  In order to do this, you may need to accept that you could miss the driveway on your first pass.  This leads me to the second issue; the waterbed is called Cline Creek, and yes there is a sign.  You will likely locate this sign, and the driveway is on the north side of the road.  The next closest reference point is Allstones creek to the East and David Thompson Resort to the West.
To my understanding the campsite is referred to as the White Goat site, or at least locals let me communicate it to them that way.  The hiking trail was hard for me to locate, as it is a bushwhacking trail.  I opted to walk in the creek bed on my way towards the falls (which needed me to cross the creek in a couple spots).  I did locate the actual trail on the way back, which is on the east side of the creek.  Though this goes unlabeled, is was slightly noticeable, once you know its existence.  The trail itself (part of the Stelfox loop) ends at the Coral Creek staging area on he West side of the David Thompson resort and Icefield Helicopter tours.  In order to capture the waterfall you will only need to walk in roughly 0.5 to 1 Kilometer.

Finally in order to get some of the pictures I have here, it required me to walk along a fine edge (which seemed like a mountain goat trail), so I would obviously not recommend doing this, and staying on the East side of the water (with the trail) is genuinely good idea.

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